In a ploy to conquer a small village in Gaul that is still holding out against the Roman invaders, an architect convinces Julius Caesar (somewhere around 50 BC) to build a luxury housing estate – called the Mansion of the Gods – near the village. They send Roman families to live there in the hopes that this will tempt the villagers to give up their ways and adopt Roman civilisation.

Forty-eight pages later, Asterix and the villagers hold yet another banquet – the Romans defeated and forgotten.

What the Romans tried did not benefit the imported Roman families (they didn’t want to live in the countryside), it didn’t help the local Roman soldiers who were forced to live there after the civilians fled to get away from Cacofonix the bard, and least of all, it didn’t benefit the Gauls.

Once gone, the villagers didn’t miss the Romans; in fact, they were glad that they were gone. What they would miss is the forest, the frequent brawls, the wise druid, Getafix, and his magic potion, and of course the brave pair – Asterix and Obelix – who saves the day every time.

Why, when it comes to marketing, do we look for shortcuts that benefit no-one? Why do we resort to pushy and unwanted marketing tactics? Why don’t we build something lasting and valuable that our peeps would actually miss if it’s taken away?


Breaking through the Marketing Noise

Our potential clients have a thousand and one things vying for their attention every day. So, how do you break through the noise?

First, you have to get them to notice you, and then you have to gain their trust. How do you do that?

By differentiating yourself from others and giving them value over and over again.

By taking them on a journey and building a lasting relationship with them.

It’s like nurturing a tree. It takes years and years for a tree to grow tall. For the first few years, they are vulnerable, but over time they become stronger and taller. You consistently have to water it, and of course, make sure the soil is full of nutrients. There is no magic potion which will help the tree to grow overnight – unlike what happened in the Asterix comic.

You have to add real value to your potential clients consistently. You have to help them, entertain them, solve a problem for them, and build a relationship with them. Not interrupt them with “salesy” stuff that they’re just going to ignore.

People are getting tired of the onslaught of new information every day. There was a time when I was glued to my phone. I was always checking my email and social media in case I missed something. Now, I sometimes feel like I want to throw away my phone – I can go without it for the whole day. The list of people that I follow online or on whose email list I still am have shrunk tremendously. Only those that really gives me value stays. Those that, if they were to stop sending me emails, I would miss.

That’s what you want to achieve with your firm’s marketing. You want to break through the noise. You want to be on their VIP list. You want them to miss you if you were to stop sharing your expertise.  


You Have a Responsibility to Market Your Firm

There’s a huge responsibility resting on your shoulders – and you may not even realise it.

If you sell a below-average service that doesn’t work and your clients’ businesses deteriorate because of that – it’s on you. You know that, right? But did you realise that if you have something of value that can change your ideal clients’ lives or turn their struggling businesses into a profit-generating empire, you have the responsibility to get your message out and your services in front of them? If they fail and you could have helped them, but you kept the secret to yourself – because you opted for interruptive tactics or worthless content – you’re responsible for their failure.

Now that’s something to think about…


How to Become Better at Marketing Your Accounting Firm

I often take time to reflect on the past few months. Did I do my best? Is there something I could have done better? How can I outdo myself in the next couple of months?

The only way to grow – personally and in business – is to keep on learning and improving your skills. That’s why I’m always busy with a course or a challenge or doing research and testing a new tactic or skill.

And I strongly believe that if you want to become better at getting your accounting firm in front of more of the right people, you need to hone your marketing skills. That is why I’d like to invite you to sign up for my free 6-day email course where I teach you the tools you need to put together a marketing plan, containing only content and activities that could help your ideal clients to find you and give you the opportunity to help them benefit from your expertise.

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