I often see accountants having general ‘hire me’ marketing messages. Or their message is so general that no-one really gets how they’re different from the next. Or they try to bribe people with a ‘win-a-free-holiday-if-you-sign-up-for-my-services’ message. And then they wonder why no-one is clicking the button, and if they do, why they want an arm and a leg and your first-born child for a meagre fee.  

Even if you’re creating amazing free content for your ideal clients to draw them in – blogs, videos, free guides and checklists – people can still see you as just an excellent resource and never sign up to work with you.

If that’s you, it’s not a sign that you’re not good enough and that you should just give up – it may be that your marketing message is off.

If you can get your message right, you’ll draw in your dream clients, make a connection with them, and wake up to a fully-booked calendar with only the right clients.


Okay, so How Do You Fix Your Marketing Message?

There are three parts to a clear message that connects:


1. Your Skills

The first part is about you. What makes you uniquely qualified to do this work? What are your tools, credentials, and experience?

Your skills should also tie in with the types of services that you offer. For instance, if you offer tax services, clients would like to know that you’re an EA. If you want to work with only medical professionals, they’d want to know about your years of experience helping doctors.


2. Your Solution

The next part is about which urgent problem you are solving, and for whom. It also ties in nicely with your niche.

Your solution should go a bit deeper than just “We offer tax services to x”. Do your services save them money? Time? Headaches?

When you talk about what they’re going to gain or how their lives or businesses are going to be better after working with you, that’s when your dream clients get why it’s worth paying for your services – at a premium fee.


3. What You Stand For

The last part is all about your stance. What do you want to take a stand for in your industry? What do you want to become known for? Why do you believe so much in your solution?

You can’t just focus on what you do, because there are thousands of others who also do that. You need to explain why you do it. Your stance can include your story or the aha you had that led you to realise that this is the solution your niche audience needs.

Let’s say your solution is that you want to help small businesses in the construction industry to grow. You want to help them to put the right systems in place and keep their accounts up-to-day. You want them to really understand their figures and monthly reports and use that to make the right business decisions – at the right time. Not six months after it’s too late. Why? Because you’ve experienced first-hand how not knowing this can cripple businesses and affect the lives of the families involved. In fact, when you were ten years old, your dad’s construction business folded and for years your family struggled to make ends meet. He always said that if only he knew that he’d run out of money three months later, he wouldn’t have bought that new truck. You don’t want that for anybody else.

Can you see how a message like that can connect with your people? A business owner in the construction industry who is struggling to grow or who is frustrated with his annual statements that always arrives too late and can just as well be in Greek – he’ll get why you’re the right person to work with and why your solution can change everything for him.


A Marketing Message That Connects

If you only talk about your skills and your solution, you won’t connect with your people. Your message won’t excite you, and it definitely won’t excite your dream clients. You need all three elements.

What is your marketing message? Does it tick all three boxes?

Your marketing message is only one part of creating a brand for your accounting firm that really stands out and attracts your ideal clients. But before you start to create your message, you need to get clarity on who your dream clients are and who you are and what makes you different from other accountants or bookkeepers. Download this free ebook that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing your brand for your accounting firm. You’ll get clarity on the three elements you need to include in your marketing message – all you’ll have to do then is putting it together.



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