Free Courses:

Map out your entire 12-month marketing plan in 6 days

Create a simple, overwhelm-free marketing plan and finally get those ideal clients to say yes to you!

After going through this email course, you’ll…

  • Know how to attract the right type of clients that are a good fit for your firm
  • Have more confidence in your marketing knowledge and know what to focus on
  • Know the ideal marketing strategy which will be the most valuable FOR YOU (yes, we’re all different, and we don’t do cookie-cutter here)
  • Be clear on how to move your ideal clients to your end goal – signing up to work with you!

Launch Your Blog in 5 Days

Learn everything you need to know about launching a wildly successful blog for your firm!

After going through this email course, you’ll know how to…

  • Brainstorm magnetic blog topics your ideal clients actually want to read (hello repeat visitors!)
  • Write engaging blogs that don’t feel like pulling teeth
  • Improve your Google ranking so people can find your blogs organically
  • Choose memorable & eye-catching images to round off your blog
  • Get your blogs in front of more people’s eyes

On-Demand Courses:

Tailor-Made Niche

Your step-by-step guide to honing in on your niche – without a sweat

In this course, you’ll…

  • Uncover your strengths and what makes you different from your competitors
  • Learn how to choose the right niche that is aligned with your strengths and values
  • Dig deeper into understanding the challenges and goals of your target clients so that you can serve them better


Ready to attract the right clients?


Rock Your Blog

Become a confident blogger in only 4 weeks

In this course, you’ll…

  • Learn how to put together a blog post in the most effective way
  • Overcome your tech fears and learn how to work with SEO to get on Google’s good side
  • Walk away with an easy, step-by-step recipe to follow, knowing that you’ll tick all the boxes and that your writing is on par with the best in the industry
  • Fall in love with your brand-spanking-new marketing hat


Ready to get your blog to work for you?


Coming Soon:

Build a high-converting marketing funnel from scratch

Attract a steady stream of your ideal clients, build a deeper relationship, and convert them into paying clients without feeling like you’re selling your soul!

In this course, you’ll learn…

  • How to create a freebie that your ideal clients genuinely want – without thinking twice about giving you their email address
  • How to build and nurture relationships with your leads through an automated marketing funnel – saving you hours of trying to convince people to work with you
  • How to get them to sign up for a meeting with you – already convinced that you’re the right person to work with


Ready for a consistent stream of new, warm leads?