Creative. Number-Cruncher. Teacher.

Some people say that you can only be a left-brain or right-brain thinker – if you can crunch numbers like a boss, you can’t also have artistic abilities. But I say that’s a myth. Why? I’m proof of it.

Even as a kid I dabbled with the creative arts – painting pictures, taking photos, and throwing weird ingredients together to bake masterpieces – while still being at the top of my math class.

I chose the path of the bean counter, because that’s where the money is…right? But I soon found out that I needed to keep both sides of my brain well-nourished if I wanted to have a balanced life.

That’s when I found content marketing and branding.

After I qualified as a Chartered Accountant through a small audit firm I joined an international sports brand, first as financial manager, and later operations manager. During this time I became fascinated with the creative projects that our marketing team pulled off and I started to become involved with the marketing, branding, and web design of the company.

It was finally time to feed the creative beast, so I left to start a freelance writing business, which became the cornerstone of my content marketing career. I joined a digital marketing agency in San Francisco while building my own agency on the side.

When I was approached by a friend and former colleague to assist them with branding and content marketing for their new accounting firm, it all clicked. I realised that I had finally found the perfect balance – helping accountants prosper by becoming more visible online.

Over time, I came to realise that the more involved accounting professionals are in their own marketing, the more successful they are.

My biggest passion is helping accounting professionals like you to reach the audience you want, make the money you deserve and help your clients to succeed in their ventures.


All while enjoying every moment of it.

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