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Marketing has always been scary to me, but Lydia made each area manageable and enjoyable. She explains blogging and marketing in concrete terms that are easy to understand.

Cathleen Davis

Owner, Nerdy Girl Accounting LLC

We learn a lot about digital marketing strategies for Lydia. She has an understanding of our specialised industry, and although her services are professional, she does so with a touch of creative flair.

Neil Murray

Director, Contador Accountants

I wanted to create a unique brand image to connect with and attract the right clients. I wanted someone that had an accounting mindset with an understanding of our industry. I highly recommend Lydia for her professionalism, creativity and talent, but also her approach to her clients.

Roelf Brink

Founder and Director, Simply Accounting and Tax

Too many accounting professionals shy away from marketing because they think they’re not creative enough. So they either stay behind while their competitors outshine them, or they ship their marketing responsibilities off to someone else who doesn’t understand their business and their clients’ challenges as well as they do. If you do this, you’ll never be 100% satisfied with what you put out there, and you won’t attract the best clients. You’ll stay in the rut of working inhumane hours, with not-so-ideal clients, and charging fees that do not reflect what you’re worth.

I believe that the best way to get results from marketing is to be your own marketing director. That’s where I come in. I help accounting professionals like you to take charge of your own marketing.

A community for accountants who want to learn about marketing – in a creative way

Unleash Your Inner Creative

Yes, the left-brain/right-brain theory is a myth. I show you how to bust it!

Embrace Your Mastery

You are the mentor that businesses need to help them thrive. It’s time they notice you!

Be the Pioneer

Why should you just stay  up-to-date when you can lead the pack?

Have Fun!

Here, we are easy-going and we learn like humans. Come as you are.

Creative Credits to Your Numerical Debits

Imagine being able to attract only the clients you absolutely love to work with, who become friends, and who value you for what you are worth… I believe that the best way to get results from marketing is to be your own marketing director. No-one knows your clients as well as you do. That is why I’ve created The Creative Accountant. I’m a Chartered Accountant who traded in my accounting hat for a plum-coloured marketing hat.

I teach accounting professionals – just like you – to shine online, to reach the audience you want, make the money you deserve and help your clients to succeed in their ventures.

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